Model: Oil water separators OWS

Oil water separators

Note: Since the product have to be configured or designed to customer specifications depending on the operating conditions, consultation is necessary. Please use the product inquiry for this.


Condensate treatment

  • Normally, compressors produce large amounts of condensate that is contaminated with oil. This liquid cannot be disposed untreated by law into the sewage system or the environment. SCC offers the OWS series of oil water separators that remove oil contaminants from the condensate so reliably that the water contains no more than 20 mg / l of hydrocarbons and can therefore be disposed of in the sewage system.
    This is not a normal oil water separator: no decantation tank; no external tank to collect oil; simple, fast and effective condensate treatment. The unique advanced design and bag material of high quality assure an extreme level of filtration.

TWIN system

  • With our unique TWIN system you have the possibility to double or triple the quantity of treated condensate or to improve the quality of drain water. You can expand the system at any time, not only during the first installation. The separator that can work as single or double column.

    Operation principal:
    o The condensate flows into the separator through a lid depressurisation chamber (LD)
    o Then condensate filters down into the separator tank (BD) through the hole in the lid (LD)
    o The prefilter (PF) and activated carbon bags (CF) purify the condensate from oil and solid particles
    o After this process, the condensate can be drained in sewe compliance with the national laws

Advantages for our customers:

  • High performance, also works for new synthetic oils for compressors which cannot be separated from condensate by traditional ways, such as decantation
  • Simplified maintenance and consequent reduction of maintenance costs
  • Lower concentration of oil, less than 10 ppm/l or lower (by a regular replacement of bags)
  • Compact dimensions and easy installation
  • TWIN Solution, the only separator which can work with two or more separators
  • Ecological and user-friendly material
  • Depressurisation chamber is removable and directable to allow front or rear connection to drain for an easy installation
  • Depressurisation chamber containing an activated carbon filter to avoid atmospheric contamination
  • Heavy-duty Monobloc plastic tank to avoid any leakage
  • Synthetic pre-filter to assure a long life period and protection to carbon filters
  • Over-sized activated carbon filter

Warranty: 2 years or 5 years with our extended warranty program

  • Realistic and plannable service costs and no unexpected surprises by unplanned repairs

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 303 × 373 × 440 cm

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