Model: FIL-filters


Note: Since the product have to be configured or designed to customer specifications depending on the operating conditions, consultation is necessary. Please use the product inquiry for this.


High efficiency filters

Compressed air contains high concentrations of dust, oil, moisture and other impurities. These contaminants can lead to high-maintenance costs and result in damage to equipment and finished products. SCC´s FIL filters have been specifically designed to prevent these problems, by offering a wide range of filters for compressed air able to satisfy the most various industry needs. The secret of the FIL filter is the high efficiency of the elements which is able to offer a high capability of retention (99,999%) and very low pressure drops. The final result is an extremely purified compressed air and low operating costs.

Advantages to our customers:

  • Certified performances
  • The body configuration, with an innovative design, able to reduce pressure drops assuring high energy savings
  • Increase of efficiency and therefore reduction of production stops
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Tool and machinery protection

Warranty: 2 years or 5 years with our extended warranty program

  • Realistic and plannable service costs and no unexpected surprises by unplanned repairs

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 303 × 373 × 440 cm

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