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Oil-injected screw compressors with direct drive, speed control and permanent magnet motor 7.5-315 kW

By using a 2-stage compression process the air is compressed in 2 steps from ambient pressure to final pressure. Between these two compression stages the air is cooled down. This type of compression requires considerably less energy than single-stage compressors.

SCC air compressors
Your advantages with STRONG (2-stage) Compressor

Up to 10% more performance

Due to the permanent magnet motors used, the effi- ciency of such a compressor is another 1 to 10 % better than that of a compressor with conventional motors (three-phase asynchronous motor).

2-stage compression

The 2-stage compression is additional
Energy saved.

High energy efficiency

Thanks to the special design of the permanent magnet motor, the compressor has an almost constant high energy efficiency over the entire control range of the machine, which means you save energy permanently, no matter how much compressed air the compressor supplies.

Smart integration

Do you need the compressor data live in a control room or on your smartphone / tablet? This is also no problem for our control system. Appropriate additional software makes it possible.

Low noise level

Our STRONG compressors are not only quiet, they always deliver exactly the amount of compressed air you need.

Intelligent control

Thanks to the super-intelligent controls, you are always in the picture regarding the condition of the compressor. Intuitive touch-screen user guid- ance makes it easy to operate the compressor.

2 year warranty included or
5 years upon conclusion of the "carefree" contract

The champion in energy efficiency

Our STRONG series is the champion of energy-efficient compressors.

By using Permanent Magnet Motors, the efficiency of such a compressor is up to 10 percent better than of a compressor with an asynchronous motor (compared to a speed-controlled compressor with three-phase asynchronous motor).


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