Model: Smart

The Price Optimized

Oil injected screw compressors 4-18,5 kW. Our range of Smart compressors is the customer friendly answer for a simple but efficient supply of compressed air with the highest quality. Easy to install, extremely silent, customer friendly maintenance and with a small footprint for easy installation where space is limited.

Model: TD-Units
(Compressors on receiver with dryer)

The “All in One” Solution

Oil injected screw compressors with drayer on receiver 4-18,5 kW. Our TD compressors are the ideal “all in one” solution for our customers who are looking for a turnkey solution. No piping required, all ready for commissioning, only connect to electricity and compressed air net and you can start operation…

Model: Focus

The Economical

Oil injected screw compressors with direct drive 22-75 kW. Our range of Focus compressors is designed for energy saving. So our customers can save energy and costs and do something good for the environment by saving our energy resources.

Model: Flexi

The Professional for Energy Saving

Oil injected screw compressors with variable speed drive 11-75 kW. Our compressors in our Flexi range are first class in energy saving. They save up to 35% of energy costs compared with a standard compressor.

Model: Strong

The Powerful

Oil injected screw compressors wit variable speed drive and permanent magnet motor. Our Strong compressors are the champions among the energy efficient compressors.By using highly efficient Permanent Magnet motors compressors can save an additional 10% of energy compared with a frequency controlled compressor with an asynchrony motor.

Model: Strong 2S

The King of Energy Saving

Oil injected 2-stage screw compressors with variable speed drive and permanen magnet motor 22-150 kW. By using a two-stage compression process the air is compressed in two steps from environmental pressure to final pressure. Between the two stages the air is cooled down. In this way the compression process needs considerably less energy than with the one stage compression process.

Model: Scrolli

The Champion for 100% Oil Free Air

Oil free scroll compressors 3,7-37 kW. Our range of Scroll compressors will deliver 100% oil free air. By using a module design you can choose exactly the size of compressor that you require. Our “Multilevel” software makes sure that the compressor continues to run in the optimum operation mode. And when one module shows a failure the software switches automatically to another module, so you always get the air that is needed.