Model: Storm

Model: Storm

Space-saving small footprint

Oil injected screw compressors 7,5-37 kW.

The “Storm” series of compressors combine high efficiency along with a small footprint. In particular, good accessibility for service and maintenance.

Advantages to our customers:

Small footprint

o Space-saving technology that also allows installation in confined spaces
o Good accessibility for all service and maintenance work

Large compressor stage

o Low speeds and therefore longer life
o Lower temperatures and thus longer maintenance intervals

Long maintenance intervals of consumables (4,000 operating hours)

o Long service intervals for replacement of oil filter, air filter and oil separator reduce maintenance costs

Low noise emissions, super silenced

Calculable realistic service costs and no nasty surprises due to unforeseen repairs

Solid piping instead of hoses guarantees a longer service life

Generously dimensioned filters and separator cartridges ensure a high degree of separation of the lubricant. This means lower oil consumption and less pollution for the environment

Speed control

o The use of a speed control with the help of a frequency converter always produces exactly as much compressed air as is really needed
o Significantly fewer operations for the engine and thus extended lifetime
o Lower power consumption than conventional rigid-speed systems, resulting in lower operating costs

The use of permanent magnet motors further improves efficiency

o Efficiency class IE4, i. highest possible efficiency
o Consistent efficiency over the entire speed range. In comparison to conventional speed-controlled systems with standard motors, additional energy is saved again
o Long life due to a proven construction
o Smaller installation space compared to conventional motors enables a space-saving compressor with a small footprint

Intelligent control

o Digital inputs x 4
o Relay outputs x 6
o Temperature sensor
o Pressure sensor
o Large display size
o Touchscreen
o Buttons on the front Monitoring
o Colour display
o In combination as master
o IIn the network as slave
o Up to 12 compressors in combination is possible
o Remote on / off
o Phase monitoring
o Weekly timer with different pressure bands
o Display of the current consumption (Ampere)
o Inputs / outputs can be assigned with different messages
o MODBUS interface

Warranty: 2 years or 5 years with
our extended warranty program

Realistic and plannable service costs and no unexpected surprises by unplanned repairs

Screw compressor Storm

Model Nominal power Pessure range Free air delivery Dimensions Weight Noise
@8bar(g) @10bar(g) Length Width Height
[kW] [bar] [m³/min] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg] [db(A)]
Storm 7 7.5 8-10 1,10 0,87 650 610 1.255 180 60 +/-2
Storm 11 11 8-10 1,75 - 742 682 1.420 245 62 +/-2
Storm 15 15 8-10 2,31 1,67
742 682 1.420 245 62 +/-2
Storm 22 22 8-10 3,40 2,81 810 790 1.590 340 63 +/-2
Storm 37 37 8-10 6,10 - 900 890 1.700 480 65 +/-2

Performance data according to ISO 1217, Annexe C
Reserve for technical modifications