SCC Compressors
Smart, clever, cost efficient
“Smart, clever, cost-effective”. That’s what SCC stands for. And that’s what you can expect from us:
High-quality, energy-efficient compressors at an outstanding price/performance ratio, with a requirement profile based on many conversations with customers and implemented by our engineers in design and development. High-quality and high-performance compressors “Made in Germany” are the result of which we are proud.

Compressors & Receiver Systems
To manufacture compressors for industry, modern and energy efficient at the best possible prices. No compromises in terms of quality and reliability. In order to meet this demand, we produce some of our compressors in Asia. With an SCC quality engineer on site, we can realise high-quality compressors at significantly lower production costs than in Europe, and we pass on this advantage in terms of manufacturing costs onto our customers, in the form of extremely attractive and competitive prices.
SCC air compressors

Our Products

Smart. Clever. Cost effective.

High-quality and energy-efficient compressors at very competitive prices

SCC air compressors


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